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Longboard Pumping


Cruising, Down-hill Racing and Slaloming

The passion for long distance skateboarding inspired Alex Voitenko, in 2012, to launch LongboardPumping.com community with the desire to share experiences, achievements, skills and commute with fellow longboarders across the world.



A longboard is a longer variant of a skateboard. It is commonly used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, and/or transport.



Long Distance Pumping - is a skateboarding technique used to accelerate without the riders' feet leaving the board.



original technique used by skateboarders to push off the ground and gain speed.

Ragbrai 2012

Ragbrai 2012


by Alex Voitenko

I love to longboard for long distances and when I heard about the Ragbrai 2012 I had to sign up. I can say I completed all the days and all the miles of Ragbrai 2012, even though I had to go more miles on some days because of few lost miles from previous days :). Cheating you say? Maybe…But I could not sleep knowing I was missing some miles! I have pumped and pushed my longboard, mostly pushed. Of course it was all possible because we had an amazing crew who supported us.

I am used to pump, but because of the structure of the roads I had to push, which made it even more difficult on me.

My friend Devin was also on a longboard. He also finished the Ragbrai but with less miles. When I told him about the Ragbrai he was fired up and signed up for the Ragbrai. His mom and her friend Sandy were our support group. Best team ever.

Average spent on a longboard a day was about 7-12 hours, with average of 70 miles a day. But the problem was not the miles…Give me a straight bicycle trail and some nice days and I will pump those miles…

Main problems:
1) Heat - I stopped at every town to spray water on my cloths to cool my blood down. It helped. Under Armour SPF 30 long shirt, sunscreen, bandana on my neck and head, gloves, sunglasses – all that helped to fight the sun.
2) Road conditions – I wish I had bigger wheels.

I calculated everything I will need from socks to helmet.

My equipment and cloths that I carried on the actual ride:

My longboard: G-Bomb with Subsonic deck - customized for me buy a guy who makes the Gbombs. Thank you again.

-Hydration Backpack 1.5 L. with extra storage room.
-Gatorade powder.
- Extra pushing’s for pumping and grease (those who pump know)
- Pain killers (never used, never had any pain – strange… Tired? Yes like, CRAZY tired)
- Sunscreen little bottle.
- Some snacks
- Cellphone
- IPOD – a must.
-Hand sanitizer

-Skating shoes (it is best to have light comfy shoes, skating shoes) only used one pair on the entire ride J
- Under Armour Underwear
- Very light shorts (you don’t want bulky skate shirts that cover your knees)
-Under Armour SPF 30 long sleeve summer shirt
- Bandana on neck (put water on it and it will cool your blood well)
-Bicycle helmet (why have skateboard original helmet without much ventilation? I wanted maximum ventilation and It made huge difference)
-Bandana under helmet
-Sunglasses (a must )

I was drinking tons of water, and I mean TONS, and even that was not enough. Getorade/Water – 50/50 mix was good. One of the reasons why I felt like I was going to collapse after 3d day (80+ miles day ) was probably because I did not drink much. But after the 3d day it was easier to push the skateboard. Who knows…

Anyway, I am glad I did it… And Im thinking to go again!

So if there are more longboarders for 2013 email me: zakalkamail@gmail.com

Philippians 4:13



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